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The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is the English language test for students willing to study, work or locate in countries with English as their primary language. This computer-based test is accepted by major educational institutions in the world.

Conducted by the Pearson PLC group, the syllabus includes day-to-day English and tests students based on their ability to understand the language effectively as spoken daily.

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There are 20 different question types in the test, from multiple choice to essay writing

This test score opens doors to 3000+ colleges, universities and professional bodies globally.

The computer-based English test measures English speaking, reading, writing and listening abilities in a single, short test. If you are someone who makes decisions at the last moment, PTE is the test for you! Throughout the year, you get last-minute availability with frequent tests taking place around the globe.

Why Preparation with Amar Education Hub?

  • Boost English confidence for a successful future
  • Accepted by world-class universities
  • Multitude of international opportunities
  • Result-oriented preparation
  • Student-focused environment
  • Best teaching & assessment overall

Why PTE?

  • No worries about handwriting
  • Less stress
  • 360 test dates available a year
  • Integrated testing system for maximum accuracy
  • Fully computer-based test