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Study Visa

Fulfilling the dream to study abroad comes with a lot of complicated things that need to be taken care of. Students should be alert to all these things for the smooth execution of the entire process. A study visa is one of the major requirements that students need to be conscious about to study abroad.

Work Visa

A work visa is an official authorization granted by a country to a foreign national, allowing them to legally work within that country for a specified period. It is subject to various regulations and may require a job offer or sponsorship from an employer. Work visas often have restrictions and may be renewable or lead to permanent residency.

Spouse Visa

A spouse visa is a legal permit provided by a country to the foreign spouse of a citizen or resident, enabling them to live together in that country. It typically involves meeting specific requirements such as proof of a genuine marital relationship and may lead to work authorization or permanent residency. The visa’s terms and conditions vary based on the host country’s regulations.

Visitor Visa

A visitor visa is an official document issued by a country that allows foreign nationals to enter the country temporarily for tourism, business meetings, or other non-permanent purposes. It usually has a limited duration, specific entry and exit dates, and restrictions on work or study. Visitors must adhere to the visa’s terms and depart before its expiration.


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New Zealand

About Canada

Canada as a country

Canada has proven its excellence in the education sector for a long time now. It has slowly but consistently grown in stature as the favorite study destination for international students. Study in Canada to receive an internationally recognized education from top-class institutions in the world.

Discover the Canadian difference:

Academic excellence

With education as their provincial responsibility, Canada ensures high-quality education for every individual enrolled in their institutions. With universities consistently ranking amongst the top 100s in the world, one gets to choose from their wide range of programs available including advanced diplomas and specialized courses. Whatever be your interest, you are certain to find a relevant program in Canada.

Focused on individual development

World-class education is not just limited to classrooms. In the real-world scenario, Canada offers a co-op system for students to avail practical knowledge in their field of study. This helps students to get accustomed to the work environment and inculcates discipline at an early age.

Highest quality life

Canada is considered one of the safest and most comfortable countries on the earth, with citizens enjoying a contented life free from substantial hardships. Various social metrics highlight the luxurious yet affordable quality of life that Canadians are thankful for. The country is filled with healthy people without any widespread problems of infectious diseases.

Eligibility to earn while you learn

The permission to work while studying majorly depends on your study permit. As a permit holder, you may be allowed a dedicated few hours per week to work alongside your studies (the hour count varies depending on regular days and vacations).

Low tuition fees

Canadian education experience not only offers the wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise but an investment that you make for your future. The average annual fees of study programs in Canada vary between 15,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD, depending on your choice of subjects and institution. When compared to other hyped countries, the annual budget for studying in Canada falls on the lower end of the scale.

Canada: the global connector

Being one of the largest trading nations in the world, Canada has the best educated, highly-skilled, diverse workforce. The country has a long track record of welcoming overseas students and investors by consistently offering low tuition fees and low business taxes respectively.

About UK

United Kingdom as a country

The indomitable academic experience of the United Kingdom is very hard to beat. The UK has been the most preferred study destination for most of the important minds in history. If you are dreaming big, the UK enables you to achieve big. Their short and flexible courses are tailormade to match your interests and enhance your skills.

World-renowned universities

Higher education degrees of the UK institutions are respected around the world. With an extensive choice of subjects, a degree from a UK university sure looks great on CV while looking for work. They are recognized internationally for their creative and challenging environments that encourage students to be their best.

Financial benefits

International students can apply for numerous financial aids while studying in the UK including scholarships, grants and bursaries. On top of it, living expenses in the UK are quite reasonable provided you are staying outside of London.

Shorter courses

A degree in the UK usually takes lesser time than universities in other countries. The total time to be taken depends on the program and institution your choose, but it is a year less than others. Research the area beforehand for a better understanding of its programs.

Post-study work opportunities

If you are willing to study and work in the UK, there are various work opportunities available for you. Successful applicants can avail the graduate route that enables them to work while studying in the country.

Home to the English language

With a reputation for academic excellence, the UK is the perfect destination to learn and study English. Over 95% of the population speaks English, helping you learn the language faster and apply it in real-life settings. Immersing yourself in the localities will not only help you survive homesickness but also assist in better understanding of your chosen subjects.

About Australia

Australia as a country

With kangaroos, koalas and broad open spaces of outback bush, Australia is your passport to a better future! The friendly laid back nature and an excellent education system are what attract a huge flock of overseas students to the country. Take your next step with a country that gives you access to better work opportunities and greater world experiences.

Top-rated universities

Australia is home to top universities in the world. International students stand to gain from the wide variety of courses and degrees that these institutions have to offer. It is a case of quality and quantity with certain universities ranking among the internationally renowned top 100.

Global destination for global recognition

Being the third most popular destination for international students in the English speaking world, Australia is only behind the United States and the United Kingdom. Because of the impressive international reputation of Australian institutions, most students choose this education system as a guarantee to futureproof their success.

Diversity of education

Australian institutions not only rank among the top-recommended ones in the world but also offer world-class education, excellent quality life and post-study work opportunities. Institutions offer a wide variety of courses and degrees to help students find a program that perfectly matches their interests.

Rights of international students

When it comes to the implementation of rights for students, Australia stands tall with the most rigorous consumer protection system. All programs being offered to foreign students comply with all the stringent guidelines of the government.

Unsurpassed quality life

Australia is one of the liveliest places to live on this earth. The young, multicultural and open country has an ever-growing economy, supported by its unrivaled natural beauty, making it an ideal destination to live and thrive in. With an excellent quality of life index, Australia lives up to its stereotypes – sun, fun, beaches & friendly people everywhere.

Earn while you learn

Most Indian students are allowed to work 20 hours per week on weekdays and full time on weekends (depending on the conditions of your visa). You can also choose whether to stay or not after completing your studies. By opting for Australia you opt for excellent industry experience and an open work environment.

About New Zealand

New Zealand as a country

There is a lot beyond the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand. If we have to sum it up, it would go like “New Zealand is an amazingly beautiful country with beautiful people and world-class universities. Even though that’s all in a nutshell, New Zealand deserves a lot more detail and depth than that.

Future-focused education

The world has changed and New Zealand gives you the opportunity to choose how you study. Their excellent pedagogy focuses on research-based teaching where you learn to deal with real-life situations. Their curriculum trains you to work independently as well as with a team; implementing the classroom concepts to develop different approaches to solving a problem.

Global pathways

Studying in New Zealand is open to people from all over the world. Their international universities have a global reputation that helps you kickstart your international career. With abundant job opportunities across the world, the country opens doors to prospects everywhere.

Research opportunities

New Zealand boasts of well-equipped laboratories and highly experienced faculty while being the hub of new technologies, research and development. All of this included ensures a seamless and hassle-free student experience.

Lower tuition fees & innumerable scholarships

New Zealand’s education system comes at a relatively lower cost as compared to other hyped countries. And on top of the lower tuition fees, there are a variety of scholarships available for students to fund their education and accommodation. With a bit of digging and investigating, you are sure to find something that does not dig a hole in your pocket.

Fantastic culture

The rich cultural heritage of New Zealand involves a meeting point of the British-influenced western ways and the traditional culture of indigenous people, with their own language and mythology. Their friendly people (with a low rate of crimes) are very cool, hospitable and laid back, and help you easily settle into the country.