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"We Will Make You Achieve Desired Bands"

Hello there, students. I'm Amar Dhillon, and I'm your personal IELTS coach. I've been teaching overseas for over two years. Make contact with me if you want to have a fantastic study experience for your IELTS preparation.

I've been teaching IELTS for quite some time and have assisted well over 100 pupils. Apart from being an IELTS tutor, I am also a serial entrepreneur, which prompted me to consider an issue that most students in India are now facing:

This is where my team and I decided to come up with an e-learning platform that is completely dedicated to “STUDY ABROAD”. We tried to make it as engaging as possible because we do realize that it’s time for transformation from being analog to being digital, specifically from offline classes to online classes. Our main focus is to make each and every aspect of our e-learning platform more informative and more practical. This is where we involved the mock tests, sample tests, vocabulary, grammar, and more.

Message from Co-Founder

"We Will Make You Achieve Desired Bands"

Hello there, students. I'm Gagan Dhillon. For more than 5 years, I have been teaching English and Spoken English. We both want to see students succeed in the IELTS in their first attempt and get their desired band scores.

I frequently assist Mr. AMAR DHILLON in developing a strategy for students in order for them to achieve higher bands and fly with us. We are delighted to assist students or provide suitable instruction in our most popular online classes.

Day by day, we improve our online class system, e-books, mock tests, and a variety of other features. Students nowadays expect to succeed on their first attempt, and we are happy to report that we are working on this strategy. Thank you, Mr. Amar Dhillon, for creating such a wonderful platform for students. I am honoured to be a part of it.

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We believe that social presentation and English are inextricably intertwined. Everywhere we go, we need English, whether it's for a high-paying job or admittance to a prestigious university. We at Online IELTS Education guarantee that our students will get higher bands, which are related to a brighter future and a more desirable personality.

Our History

We have been thriving for 2+ years

Our history is short, but we have realised the dreams of many students from all across the country. Expert teachers from Australia and India are available. Join us today to receive the bands you want.

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